movie suggestion for when you want to amuse yourself.

review of movie, Brave (2012) by Shokoufeh Pouya

I introduce to you, the movie: Brave (2012) Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews

This is one of my favorite animations, because the main character is a strong amazing girl, and she wants to change the rules. she refuses to obey the previews lows and .. she has a warrior with ginger curly hair!


movie suggestion for when you want to know more about real people

Maudie (2016) Aisling Walsh

Maudie (2016) Aisling Walsh

A beautiful woman named Maud Dowley who has rheumatoid arthritis, she is creative and a heavy smoker, she’s like a fish swimming against the current or flow of the stream, and decides to seek some independence, she finds a job as housekeeper for brusque Everett Lewis, a poor fish seller.


movies for when you want to watch something romantic and funny

Love Rosie (2014) Christian Ditter

Love Rosie (2014) Christian Ditter

Two friends who have been friends since they’ve been 5, both having the dream of moving to another country but, one gets to do so and the other one stays home, and then..


movie to watch when you feel you wanna cry or just to watch a story which is a bit sad

Ps, I Love You (2007) Richard LaGravenese

A story of a beautiful couple, and right at the beginning the tragedy happens and it shows how great it is to have friends, and to have your loved one taking care of you even..


sometimes you feel the lake of adrenaline and you don’t wanna get out of the house, these are the movies for this case

Panic Room (2002) David FincherPanic Room (2002) David Fincher

a mother and daughter whose new home is invaded by burglars.


when you think you want to watch both movie and people sing

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) Tim Burton Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) Tim Burton

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street , who is telling his love story and getting avenge on his loved one, beautiful beautiful beautiful, well I like bloody movies.

Science Fiction, Mystery

when you want to watch something new and waaaaaaaay different than anything you’ve seen

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (1982) Steven SpielbergE.T. the Extra Terrestrial (1982) Steven Spielberg

Elliott, befriends an alien who got on Earth and trying to find his way home.